Thoughts and Crystals



I have always loved crystals, stones and pebbles. I did a crystal course in my late teens and ever since then I have collected crystals and used them personally. The basic premise for crystal healing is that when we are unwell we lose our natural rhythm but by working with crystalline energy we can help our bodies find that natural balance again. A crystal’s perfect atomic structure gives out a resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to follow and resonant with.

Below I have listed some common belief patterns and thoughts and the associated crystal that will work to help clear these issues. Of course there are many more crystals for each
concern but I have listed the main one that I was taught to use.


Thought / Belief Pattern

Crystal to Resolve

“It’s hard for me to concentrate” Carnelian – helps in focus and concentration
“I struggle with decision making” Smoky Quartz – provides clarity
“I have a bad memory” Carnelian 
“I want to feel more at peace with myself” Chrysocolla – soothing and calming
“I hate my body. I’m too fat, skinny, tall, short….” Smoky Quartz – helps establish a loving connection with your body
“I have lots of ideas, but I can’t seem to materialize them” Citrine – helps you to manifest and make your ideas practical
“I have lots of ideas, but it’s difficult for me to express them” Turquoise – helps you clarify ideas and express them creatively
“I have difficulty in letting go of old ideas” Clear quartz – helps us see who we truly are, free of limiting beliefs
“I wish I liked myself more” Rose quartz – the stone for self-love, regardless of your shortcomings
“It’s hard for me to be honest with other people” Amazonite – the communication stone
“I don’t have enough money” Citrine – for abundanceEmerald – for connecting with the divine source of abundance. Both stones work well together
“I resent what some people have done to me and find it difficult to forgive them” Sugulite – a powerful emotional healing stone, works particularly well with anger and resentment
“I often find other people’s moods are contagious” Hematite – helps you to deflect rather than absorb other people’s moods
“I lack imagination” Aquamarine – helps us brave the unknown and experience the flow of creativity
“ I’m not in touch with my intuition” or “ It’s hard for me to think logically” Moss Agate and Malachite – both of these stones assist in left/right brain balance
“I get angry when dealing with incompetent people” Rhodonite – the perfect stone for tolerance
“I’m a nervous wreck” Amethyst – nature’s tranquilizer. Also perfect for insomnia and nightmares
“I have low self esteem” Smoky Quartz – the self esteem stone
“It’s hard for me to let go of anger” Sugilite – a powerful stone for anger and resentment
“I have goals, but find it difficult to get from where I am to where I want to be” Clear Quartz – a pointed one has the most focused energy
“I have a lot of negativity in my life” Hematite – helps to deflect negativityClear Quartz – helps dissolve negative energy blockages
“I’m afraid of death” Amethyst – assists us through all transitions
“I want to be free of past sorrows” Aventurine – soothes heartache
“I have a lot of anxiety attacks” Rhodochrosite – assists in slow, deep breathing which sends needed oxygen to the brain
“I feel emotionally unbalanced” Moonstone – for when you are over-emotional or out of touch with your feelings
“I would like more serenity in my life” Aquamarine – has a calming, soothing energy
“I wish more good things happened to me” Smoky Quartz – helps speed up manifestation
“I wish I knew what it is that is stopping me from having what I want” Obsidian – helps bring to the surface any hidden or limiting beliefs which may be blocking you
“I would like to be more patient with myself and others” Rose quartz – the stone for self-love and acceptance
“I’m oversensitive” Hematite – being oversensitive usually means being over-affected by the opinions of others, hematite helps shield us from this
“Sometimes I don’t trust myself” Rose quartz – the stone for loving ourselves, and trust naturally follows love
“I feel as if I’m on an emotional roller coaster” Moonstone – helps bring balance to our emotions
“No matter how hard I try I can’t stick to my diet” (or keep from drinking, smoking etc) Amethyst – a great stone for addictions
“I need to uncover my deepest fears” Obsidian – this stone will help to surface all that is hidden. Use it with Clear Quartz to help dissolve what comes up
“I need more passion in my life” Ruby – the traditional stone for sexual and emotional passion

Remember to cleanse and programme your crystal before using it. There are many methods for cleansing a crystal, the easiest being to hold the crystal under running water and visualise any negativity being washed away. I also put my crystals out under the full moon every now and again and that also cleanses them. To programme your crystal, first ground yourself by sending love down through you and deep into the earth and then feel that love returned. Next, hold the crystal close to your heart and send love out to the universe and visualise the healing power of the universe returning through the crown chakra (top of the head) and flowing down into your heart. Feel that power and love flow out to the crystal. You are now ready to begin working with your crystal.

You can use your crystal in a variety of ways:

You can carry it around with you, either on your person (jewellery) or in your bag, look at and hold it a couple of times a day, connect with it’s energy and concentrate on the reason you chose that particular crystal and what it is you are trying to either release or bring back into your life.
Use your crystal with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I can either teach this to you or you can find some videos on YouTube.
Place your crystal on one or several of your chakra’s (your issue will determine which chakra to work with)
Hold it whilst meditating.
Have it next to your bedside table and connect with it every morning and night.

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