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All sessions are client driven and totally unique. Sessions are an hour and can include any of the following:

  • Acupressure
  • Flower essence therapy
  • Acupoint clearing
  • Meridian clearing
  • Chakra clearing
  • Emotional stress release techniques
  • Neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes
  • Visualisation and breath work
  • Counselling
  • Age regression
  • Sound therapy
  • Colour therapy
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Nutritional testing and changes
  • Reiki

Holistic Kinesiology is a very empowering therapy. After each session you will understand what we have achieved, what is still required, and what you may need to do at home to support what we achieved in the session. You will leave your session with an understanding of your specific patterns and blocks at the time and how this has impacted on your life. I generally give homework depending on what has come up in the session for you and it is important to do this homework as it supports your ongoing wellness.

We are on this earth for such a short period of time that I believe we should live life to the fullest and Kinesiology can certainly help get us on that road. People often ask how many sessions they will need. This is very difficult to answer as it depends on what comes up in your first session and the issues you want to address. I would however recommend a series of 3 – 5 balances for optimal change.

Then once these are complete it would be best to see me every few months or so to keep on top of things. If however you experience major change such as a new job, health challenge, relationship challenge, etc, then you would come more regularly until we have resolved any concerns that you may have. I have many clients that I have been seeing for years, several times a year, to keep all their systems in balance. This is the ideal as it allows us to be more proactive.

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