Meridians & Acupoints

As a Kinesiologist I work extensively with meridians and their associated acupoints.

What exactly are these? Below you can find some basic information which will give you an understanding to the background of what your session entails.

Meridians & Acupuncture Points

The meridian system, also known as the acupuncture system, has its basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. One can think of the meridian system as a giant web, linking different parts of our body together. Its purpose is to distribute qi (pronounced chee) or energy to every part of the body.

The flow of qi throughout the meridian system concentrates in certain areas on the surface of the skin and these are the acupuncture points (or acupoints). Meridians can therefore be seen as a collection of acupuncture points.

We have 12 meridians which are named according to their corresponding organs (heart, small intestine, pericardium, triple heater, stomach, spleen, lung, large intestine, bladder, kidney, liver and gall bladder) and 2 additional meridians known as governing vessel and central vessel.

The qi flow in our 12 meridians follows a specific time schedule with qi being more prevalent in different meridians at different times of the day. So for example, the active time for the Liver meridian is 1am – 3am so if you are waking up at this time every morning it is your liver telling you that it needs looking at (on a physical level you may be need to be detoxing or on an emotional level you may need to deal with anger in your life (as the liver meridian emotion is anger).

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