How does Kinesiology work?

Kinesiology is non-invasive and uses muscle monitoring as a biofeedback system to identify those factors that are blocking your body’s natural healing processes.

As it is holistic multiple factors are taken into account; including physical, biochemistry, emotional, electro-magnetic and spiritual. The beauty of muscle monitoring is that it accesses subconscious information that you as a client may not even have been aware of on a conscious level.

Your body really is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs. The important thing is to remember to listen to it; your symptoms are telling you something. We get so busy working, doing and so forth that we don’t actually sit down and truly listen to what it is our bodies are trying to tell us. This is what makes Kinesiology wonderful as it
looks beyond symptoms to find causes and it is when we clear causes of stress that true healing occurs.

Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat symptoms, rather it addresses the underlying stress patterns associated with imbalances in your body.

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