Kind words from Clients

“I have been a client of Claire’s for about a year. My therapist referred me to Claire, for help dealing with complicated emotional and physical pain. Claire is truly a healer. She’s gentle, compassionate, kind, wise and knowledgeable. She is helping me find peace and strength. Not only do I feel better after each session, but my closest friend said she notices how much better I am when I see Claire. I’m incredibly grateful to Claire for the help she’s giving me combining my spiritual, mental and physical journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Shari, Terrey Hills,

“The first time I met with Claire I had acute nerve pain right down my back and into my pelvis and thighs. Within about an hour and a half after my session with Claire the pain had released and I felt amazing. Claire is able to tap into me energetically in a way that was incredibly supportive, and I found her very easy to talk to and to trust almost immediately. In her work, Claire is thorough and curious which enables her to treat the presenting ‘unwellness’ in a way that looks at the person holistically and brings overall balance. I would recommend Claire as a professional, supportive and caring kinesiologist.”

Sarah, Pymble,

“I started seeing Claire as I could sense that I was being held back in my life and my business and knew that to move onto my next level, the energy blocks would need to be cleared. Claire’s ability to both listen to what I had to say and what my body had to say, totally blew me away! Within two sessions Claire had not only identified the source of my blocks – she had shifted my energy and restored my body’s natural balance. In the 3 months since seeing Claire, my business has grown, opportunities that I would never have expected have been presented to me and I am well and truly at my next level! Claire is the real deal and I would recommend that anyone looking at supporting their body energetically book themselves a session!”

Sonya, Allambie Heights,

“Over the years I have searched for a solution other than medications that my Doctor recommended for my episodes of anxiety and “flat days” that sometimes lasted for weeks. After attending Claire’s sessions of Kinesiology I can honestly say that I had a very positive outcome. Claire was always welcoming in a peaceful calming way and made me feel very much at ease. By using Bush flower essences and daily affirmations I now feel more balanced and comfortable within myself along with a generally happier disposition.

Thank you.”

Cheryl, Frenchs Forest,

“I have seen Claire for 4 sessions and can honestly say she is one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. She helped me find the light in what I perceived as a very dark world.”

Michelle, Narrabeen,

“I came to Claire via a recommendation from a friend. I was at a very low point in my life, I was questioning my purpose in life as I felt like a guinea pig on a wheel, life just going by but with not reason or point. I was tired, listless, totally flat and unmotivated. Claire has truly changed my life, I feel energized, renewed and enthusiastic. I am still not 100% sure of how she did it, but I feel like a new person. Thank you! I can highly recommend Claire. I will certainly becoming for my regular maintenance balance as I never want to feel like I felt before.”

Natalie, Avalon,

“Last year after recovering from a back injury, I was feeling lost and unmotivated yet I couldn’t understand why. After visiting Claire for a few months I now feel like a different person. I am back in tune with my body and emotions, with more confidence and energy. Claire is a good listener, explains what she is doing and has been the key to enabling me to enjoy life again.”

Andrea, Cromer,

“As a busy working mum-of-two I was putting everyone else’s health and well-being before my own and I was beginning to feel the stress. It was only after a visit to see Claire that I realised I needed to look after myself and listen to my body. After the initial consultation with Claire it became apparent that I needed to make just a few small changes in my daily routine and pay attention to my nutrition. I started eating breakfast every day (something I’d not been doing for a few years), I also started taking supplements (some of which had been previously recommended by my GP) and I used my affirmation which Claire had worked on with me during the first and subsequent consultation. The results have been remarkable! My general mood lifted within a few weeks of making these changes and I have noticeably more energy. I would recommend Claire to anyone who feels overwhelmed, tired, emotional or just curious about their well-being. Listening to your body is a simple concept and one which can really make a big difference in your life!”

Moray, Belrose,