Kinesiology and Me Interview

An interview with me by the wonderful Mitle Southey and her podcast Dare to Flourish. We discuss all things Kinesiology and everything else inbetween. My journey from being an Accountant to a Kinesiologist – I know right?! Sometimes our paths are not direct are they?

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Tash Corbin Coach and Kinesiology

This is a wonderful chat with my online business coach Tash Corbin. Her business model is a real connected, heart centered one which is why I decided I needed to work with her. Not only is she my coach but I am her Kinesiologist.

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Thoughts and Crystals


  I have always loved crystals, stones and pebbles. I did a crystal course in my late teens and ever since then I have collected crystals and used them personally. The basic premise for crystal healing is that when we are unwell we...
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How I Practice Mindfulness doing Mundane Stuff

Holistic Kinesiology Claire Tait Mindfulness

  What does it mean to practice mindfulness? For me, mindfulness is meditation brought into my everyday life. Whilst sitting and meditating regularly is excellent for our health, being able to bring that meditation into our busy moving lives will have...
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